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Adam Sheppard is the creator behind “Why Fire: Stoke Your Why With Fire”, co-founder of InvincAble A.I.D.E, a para-athletics coach, retired wheelchair racer, former Australian Record Holder and a man whose passion for life, and helping other people to discover happiness, shines through in everything he does.

​Join Adam as he takes you through his own journey to discovering his “why” and shows you his unique formula to keep that fire stoked!

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Adam Talks About the Why Fire Ethos

  • Have you ever felt like you’re just cruising through life, lacking direction, without or purpose, and that you’ve lost your fire?
  • I found my passion to help people to uncover “their why”; the fuel for everything they do, after my own serious health battle in 2018. This ultimately lead to me discovering my Why Fire and developing this program.
  • In society we have been taught to shut down, ignore or forget negative experiences in our life. Focus on the future and forget the past.
  • But why not learn to look at things a little differently? How about we learn to use our past experiences to positively influence our future outcomes?

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